Our Business VoIP Solutions
Advantages & Benefits


    Represent your business locally or nationally, choose a phone number or port your existing number.


    Since our PBX is in the Cloud, you can add or remove users and services as your business grows.


    Empower end users to manage features like voicemail, presence, conference rooms and contact groups from any device.


    Greet callers using customized announcements and route them based on choices, company directory list or after-hours.


    Take your office with you with enhanced softphone, chat, SMS, fax and desktop intergration.


    Provided as optional so that you can enjoy as much local or long distance calling to Canada, USA, UK, etc.

Business VoIP Packages

  • 1-STAR
    • 1,000 minutes
    • £14.99/Business Account/Month
  • 2-STAR
    • 5,000 minutes
    • £69.99/Business Account/Month
  • 3-STAR
    • 10,000 minutes
    • £149.99/Business Account/Month

These VoIP Packages are suitable for Call Shops, Self-employed Entrepreneurs, Freelancers, OPCs, etc.

How VoIP Influences Your Businesses

Correspondence is critical in business. With the business world quickly advancing toward globalisation, where many individuals working for a similar organization in addition to the organization’s client base might be found everywhere throughout the world, spread over various nations and in various time regions.

With a Business VoIP, every one of these individuals can speak with one another effectively and reasonably. Businesses in various enterprises and of various sizes can reduce expenses while expanding organisation profitability by encouraging between and intra-office voice correspondences.

Why your Business needs VoIP

The nature of communication is changing. Telecoms decisions you make now could be the difference between future profit and loss, between success and failure.

Deciding on a phone system is an important business decision. It will affect the way you interact with clients and can have an impact on the way your business is perceived. It may even form a part of that all-important first impression.

So,it is a decision that needs to be given proper thought, with an emphasis on company strategy and your plans. You need a company like VoIPVoice.co.uk to be on your side and help you make the right decision.

The Smart Choice

VoIP is a growing technology that is being increasingly adopted by everyone from small businesses looking to cut costs, to multinationals aiming to future-proof their communication systems.

VoIP has the potential to integrate with a wide range of applications and can be adapted and tailored to suit the specific needs of your business.

Benefits are particularly clear for mobile workers or workers who have their time taken up by unnecessary phone calls as they will be able to increase their efficacy.

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