Summer? Autumn? Winter? Spring?…

It doesn’t matter when you take your holiday or are out on a business trip abroad.
Once you fly out of your country, the questions are:

– How do you call a service provider back home?
– How do you keep in touch with friends and family around the world?
– How do you continue to chase, supervise or manage an important work back home?
– How do you continue to trade or attempt to respond urgently to those important leads you contacted before going on holiday?
– How do you continue to arrange appointments to get things fixed on your property while you’re away?

==> One Answer: Just TOP-UP your Buddy Account and keep making those calls at local rates.. Just as if you were home..

Well, maybe you’re thinking of using WhatsApp while abroad on a business trip or holiday:

DISADVANTAGES of using WhatsApp to make international calls from Abroad?

WhatsApp first found fame as a chatting app. Despite its popularity, it is far from perfect. Users have complained about suddenly getting disconnected or the app not working. But while abroad for business or holiday, with WhatsApp:

1. You cannot call outside The App: This one is obvious. You cannot make or receive calls on WhatsApp if you have not signed up for an account. It applies to the person you are calling too. Therefore, without a smartphone you cannot use WhatsApp.
2. You cannot call someone who only uses fixed landline PSTN Phone
3. You cannot call your friend on his/her Mobile Phone if he/she has not got the internet
4. You cannot call your Bank, Gas/electricity supplier or other service providers
5. You are almost disconnected from the world and cannot keep trading as normal

How do you mitigate the impacts of only using WhatsApp while abroad?

By Signing up for the VoIPVoice Residential VoIP Account called the “Buddy”.

  • REGISTER with to create an Account
  • Download our FREE App
  • And/or Use a Fixed Phone
  • Use the FREE minutes to call
  • Going abroad? Just Top-up online…
  • And you’re ready to Fly out while staying connected to the World

Keep the World Moving… Thrive… Stay Connected… Friendship Never Ends!!!

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