With our Mobile Application, you can make local and international calls directly from your android or iOS mobile device straight to the landlines PSTN fixed lines or GSM mobiles anywhere in the world from anywhere in the world. All you need to do is:

  • * Register for an Account with us
  • * Obtain your account details by email
  • * Come back to our site to download a FREE Mobile App
  • * Enter your account details to finish the App setup
  • ****************************************************
  • You will need the following:
    • Provider ID25082018
    • Username:    It will be provided to you
    • Password:     It will be provided to you
  • ****************************************************
  • Now, TOP-UP your Account and start calling!

Note: If you already have third-party Application installed on your mobile phone, don’t worry. All you now need is our SIP Domain or Server name i.e. sip.voipvoice.co.uk – your Username – and your Password. The Provider ID is not required here as the App is not ours.

  • Our FREE VoIP App can be downloaded through any of the following links:

    Always use the international format without the initial “00” for all destinations when using our FREE App.

Top-up As You Go – Unlike WhatsApp, make direct international calls to Landlines or Mobile Phones!

NB: All calls made through our Mobile Dialer or App must be made in the following format:

DISRAGRD “00” –> Only Enter COUNTRY CODE (44…, 32…, 33…, 243…, 1…, 27…, etc.) + TELEPHONE NUMBER (7722111000) and Dial

  • Example 1: To call a UK number, dial: 44203… or 4474000…
  • Example 2: To call a DRC number, dial: 24382000…
  • Example 3: To call a USA number, dial: 148536…
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