VoIP.. Benefits to Businesses & Consumers

Smooth Comunication is crucial for any business. Especially when communication cost gets cheaper while profitability increases. With VoIP taking traditional PSTN telephony service and becoming the foundation of most business phone systems, finding a trusted and reliable supplier is vital.

In the UK for example, BT Openreach who owns most of the UK telecom infrastructure is planning to switch off all PSTN Landline services (i.e. traditional terrestrial telephony) by December 2025 BUT it will stop selling new services by December 2023.

Therefore, VoIP Telephony is expected to replace traditional Landline all over the UK from 2026.

Question is… Are you ready to switch over? It doesn’t matter whether you are a Business or a Consumer… VoIP is the Telephony of the FUTURE

With the business world quickly advancing toward globalisation, working from home becoming the norm in some organisations, frequent business travelers and holiday makers needing permanent internet & telephony connectivity, VoIP comes in handy with its flexibility and portability aspects. How many take advantage of what VoIP has to offer? How many people  know the real benefits of VoIP for a Business or even Home as a replacement of a Residential Phone service?

VoIPVoice.co.uk is a young & vibrant Internet Telephony Service Provider (ITSP) operating from the UK but serving the world.  It offers flexible VoIP Plans with a personal customer support service thanks to their resources spread out around the world but working collaboratively to provide an excellent personal support experience to their prospects and customers.

VoIP comes a great flexible feature that allows users (Businesses or Individuals) who move physical location or decide to switch telecom service providers to move with their phone number or port their number away. Especially when this phone number has become become a crucial lifeline to customer continuity for businesses or a “personal” identity to some consumers.

VoIP Phone Number Porting is a great VoIP feature that allows you to retain your phone number despite any geographical move or telecom provider change. For businesses, this feature saves them money on things like printing new Business cards, Advertising & Marketing, Website updates, lost customer, etc.

The other key benefit of VoIP Phone Number portability for Businesses is that their employees are now able to keep a single and dedicated Phone Number. This means employees can keep accessing their telephone through the internet connection at any time, whether on premise or remotely. Traditional phone systems would require a full reconfiguration of the PBX whenever a business make a geographic move or switch telecom service provider.

For Home users, VoIP allows them to save on telecom costs, provide them with great portability as they can take their VoIP phone with them abroad on holiday or business trips and still use it as if they were at home, benefit from the low cost of communication for local and international calls, sync hard IP Phone with mobile app on mobile phone and a web dialer on a PC or laptop to not miss an incoming call or make outbound call as convenient, etc. VoIP allows users to be more agile.. more mobile.. more flexible.

Updated on: 4th March 2023

By Gilbert (Sales & Marketing Director)


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