VoIPVoice is a GLOBAL VoIP service provider

Fast and easy communication is imperative to all kinds of businesses and organizations. We help businesses thrive in a rapidly changing telecommunications world by bringing the benefits of the Internet to your company’s phone call system. We make internal and external phone correspondence easier than ever through our call system packages, whether you’re a startup, small business or large enterprise.

We provide advanced Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services as well as Cloud Private Branch Exchange (PBX) Solutions for consumers and businesses. Our VoIPVoice cloud services offer your company a secure and reliable IP-based business phone system accessed entirely online. We make sure your customers and clients can reach you while you’re in your office or traveling abroad: anywhere in the world where you have a stable Internet connection!

VoIPVoice is run by parent company DODITEC Ltd, a UK-based company that provides project management services in IT, telecommunications, and other industrial projects. Our socially responsible firm specialises in helping you plan, inspect, monitor and control your business projects!

We always encourage resellers & sales persons from any country to contact us

Selling or reselling our VoIP service enables you to provide your clients with high-quality VoIP calls from an online portal, while easily managing your sales. Salespersons and resellers can expect a 20 to 50 percent commision.

We offer chat support 24/7. Any questions? Feel free to chat with us!

USA, Canada, UK, France, Belgium, Germany, Romania, South Africa, DRC, Angola, Algeria, Senegal

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