What is VoIP and what is a cloud-based VoIP phone system?

VoIP(it stands for Voice over Internet Protocol) means that you make calls over the internet rather than over the traditional phone network. And with a cloud-based phone system, your call routing takes place in our internet-connected secure data centre instead of in hardware installed on your premises. Put these technologies together and you get a cloud-based VoIP system.

Why would you want one?

How about lower upfront costs, fixed monthly pricing, no maintenance, and automatic updates for starters? Plus, being on the internet means you can manage your system through an online portal wherever you can get an internet connection; and the system easily grows as your business does.

What's the minimum internet speed I need?

The speed you need basically depends on a couple of things: how many people will be on the phone at the same time; and how much data your business uses.You might think you need fibre broadband, but this is not necessarily the case as a VoIP call only uses a fraction of your broadband's capacity. Do not worry about this, though.

How reliable are cloud-based VoIP phone systems?

We host our cloud-based phone systems across multiple secure data centres, each in a different location. In the unlikely event that one of them has a problem, another takes over.

Our business broadband and fibre broadband networks are 99.99% reliable.

But let us say your internet connection does have an off day. You can take your IP phones, plug them into another broadband service and carry on as normal, using the same number(s). Alternatively, you can keep making phone calls and receiving calls as normal through our Mobile App or Dialer that is available to download from our website for FREE. And, when things are up and running again, re-connect your phones as before and you are back in business with high quality phone calls.

Another alternative is to use the online portal to re-direct your calls to any other landline or mobile.

Is a cloud-based VoIP phone system secure?

Yes.Security is crucial.

That is why the data centres where we host our VoIP phone systems undergo robust audits. That is why they have everything from firewalls to intrusion detection systems; and that is why all your data is encrypted, to protect it from cyber-attacks and unauthorised access.

How much would I pay for a cloud-based VoIP phone system?

How much you’ll pay depends on several different factors, but we have to make great efforts to come up with fixed packages for transparency. Please refer to the Home page of our website or make a request and a pricelist will be provided to you.

But if your business need a more customised VoIP PBX or Telephone System, please contact us and we will schedule an online/chat meeting with one of our VoIP PBX Sales Engineers to help you determine what you really need and how we can help. But you need to bear in mind that it’s all depends on which system is best for your business, how many people will be using the systemnow and/or in the future, how does your business work, how many IP phones do you want, what features does your business need, how many minutes does your business need per month? And so on …

Why should I get a cloud-based VoIP phone system from VoIPVoice.co.uk?

Start-ups and SMBs will find through VoIPVoice.co.uk everything they need from our website, making the whole process easy. We provide great consultancy before & during the sale to ensure our customers get exactly what they need, then, we provide an outstanding after-sale support to maintain our high customer retention rate.

To get you up and running, you'll have support from our team of VoIP experts who will help you set up the system, so it works for you just the way you run your business. They will show you how to configure and manage it through the online portal. We have a wide pool of talented VoIP PBX experts scattered around the world but ready to intervene with great determination. We are an online business providing cloud solutions and, therefore, are making full use of virtual talents around the world to achieve our objectives i.e. customer satisfaction. We work with the Ronaldo and Messi of the VoIP PBX industry.

Are VoIP calls good quality?

Yes, you will get the same level of clarity as you do with a regular landline (depending on the set-up of your system and the internet connection, call quality may even be better).  Calls made over your internet connection take priority over data, so you can be sure that your call quality will be consistent.

How does a cloud-based phone system work with my mobile?

There are several ways you can use your mobile with the system.

You can set your mobile to ring whenever your office phone does, which is handy whether you have just popped away from your desk or you are out of the office.

Alternatively, we have a FREE Mobile App (for Android and iOS devices) that you can download from our website.This turns your mobile into an extension of your phone system.  Not only can you answer and make calls, but you’ll also be able to see when people are available to talk, set-up call routing, and transfer calls between colleagues. With the mobile app you can control your phone system from wherever you are in the world. Whether you are on holiday abroad, or overseas business trip, your phone system is there with you allowing you cheap international calls from abroad at same local rates.

How easy is it to set up a cloud-based VoIP system (and what support do I get)?

We aim to make setting up as simple as possible, which is why you will have a team of cloud system experts to contact you should you need any help.

Our VoIPVoice cloud PBX system is the simple plug and play option where phones arrive ready to go.

Just assemble them up, connect them as instructed and if required we will talk you through how to set it up so it is right for your business, including help with setting up call handling rules and user profiles. VoIPVoice cloud-based VoIP systems are ideal for businesses with any number of employees, from a sole trader to 500+ employees. It is also a plug and play cloud-based VoIP system, which is designed to be installed by end-users. Therefore, it is a system that you can install yourself n, but if required we can help you set it all up.

What equipment do I need?
  • First, you will need an internet connection – a standard broadband would do- and the equipment that comes with it.
  • Next, you will need IP phones from co.uk because we pre-configure our IP phones before we deliver them to you. If you want to make calls through your computer, you will need a headset and microphone that plugs into your computer. Alternatively, if you want to make phone calls through a mobile application or Dialer, you can download a FREE Mobile App or Dialer from our website. You might also decide to use all these 3 alternatives simultaneouslyto make or receive phone calls. The choice is yours.
  • You will also need to choose or select appropriate features for each user. VoIPVoice.co.uk provides Standard and Advanced PBX features. A list of each is provided on our website.
  • You will then need to choose your package online then decide how you want to pay for your calls

If you are ordering lots of phones, you may need a Local Area Network (LAN), which connects all of them together into one phone system. We can supply you one.

And if you want to use a standard phone or even a fax machine on your system, we can supply an Analogue Terminal Adapter that connects to your Hub or LAN. You can then just plug your standard phone in and use as normal.

NB:Full payment is required at the beginning of each month or when the order is placed.

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