Business Partnership with VoIPVoice Telecom

Today, more and more companies and organisations are looking for ways to lower their telecommunications costs, and VoIP is in great demand because it’s the most modern way to make calls at very low rates. You only need to use your Internet connection.

You can satisfy this demand by becoming a VoIPVoice Reseller Partner today.

Because wholesale VoIP rates are provided to you at such a low price, you can make a huge profit by selling it at a retail level. As a VoIPVoice reseller Partner, you will have complete control of your Business, but you will not have to do it on your own. VoIPVoice provides the full support required.

If you have any question, just get in touch with us and we will be happy to assist you.

We always look for Resellers. Are you a:

  • Travel Agent?
  • CCTV/alarm Business?
  • Security/Access Control Business?
  • IT Support Business?
  • Any Field Service Engineer?
  • e-Commerce Business Owner?
  • Telecom Engineer?
  • A Sales Executive?
  • Or Anyone who can SELL?
  • £50 for Selling a Business Package
  • £5 for Selling a Single User Package

Please contact

Your Payment & Customers Sign-up

End-user customers would need to:

  • Provide YOU with all the required information
  • YOU pass their details on to us for processing
  • (a) We confirm the Quote to YOU and request a Deposit (If they’re a Business)
  • Once the deposit is paid, We Pay YOU £50
  • (b) We confirm the Quote to YOU and request the 1st month payment (If they’re a Residential Customer, Sole Trader or 1-man Ltd Co.)
  • Once the payment is made, We Pay YOU £5
  • We will liaise directly with the customer for all the rest. We will also need to know what VoIP Device the customer will use to access our service or if they intend to buy a VoIP hardware from our store. We sell the following:
    • VoIP Phones
    • Analogue Telephone Adapters (ATA)
    • Normal & VoIP Routers
    • PBX & IP PBX
  • For any other VoIP hardware, please contact us
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