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Benefits include

  • International Calls from Abroad @ Local Rates from the same Account
  • FREE minutes
  • FREE IP Phone (Current Offer!) – Travel with it & use it wherever there is internet.
  • FREE Mobile App
  • No Contract – Top up online from anywhere

Call in 3 easy steps

  • Create an Account

    or log in

  • Recharge Account

    and pay with a
    credit/debit card or PayPal

  • Start Calling

    from any phone or with
    our free smartphone app

VoIP Voice Residential VoIP Telephony service allows you to replace your traditional landline telephony service with a “Voice Over IP” i.e. over the Data Network telephony service without necessarily needing to invest into a new telephone handset.

With our static VoIP service, your voice just gets re-directed through the data network to get to its destination rather than through the normal and traditional PSTN telephony route. This re-direction considerably reduces cost, which allows us to offer you an affordable service whereby you can use your regular phone make and receive virtually unlimited crystal-clear calls for a very low price.

Our VoIP service can work with your regular phone and NO computer skills is required. Once registered, we just assign your phone number (Landline or Mobile) to a PIN from your Account. That’s it! All you now have to do is to credit your Account to start making calls.

Save over 75% on your phone bill by switching to VoIPVoice.

For a quotation or further details, please email

That’s it. You’re done and ready to make calls!

Our FREE VoIP App can be downloaded through any of the following links:

Always use the international format without the initial “00” for all destinations when using our FREE App.

NO line rental needed!!!

  • Decide how they want to access your services:
  • App?
  • IP or VoIP Phone?
  • ATA?
  • Access number?
  • Recharge their Balance online
  • VVoice Mobile Dialer or App

    We have the lowest rates you can find, so, you can make calls to any destination in world. All you need is a WiFi connection…

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  • Traveling Abroad?

    Frequent travellers often choose airlines, hotels, etc. based on the availability & speed of internet… just to keep using VoIP to communicate…

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Why ChooseVoIPVoice?

  • Save up to 75% on phone bills

    Low cost calls to more than 80,000 destinations in 100+ countries worldwide.

  • Low Cost International Calling

    You can make international calls to over 100 countries. Make PINLess calls. Use Rechargeable PINs or Calling Cards.

  • Great Features

    Our VoIP services include Great Features to help you best manage your calls & bills.

  • Amazing Customer Service

    If you need anything, our friendly support Specialists are available 24/7 on chat, ready to help you.

  • Financially Sound

    VoIPVoice Telecom is a stable and owned privately. We focus on Great Customer Care and do not have investors to please.

  • We actually care

    We actually care about providing an Excellent Customer Experience. Therefore, we are available 24/7 through chat or email to deliver a great customer service.

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

    We do provide a VoIP Telephony service with a 100% satisfaction Guarantee in minds. As a result, you may top-up as required or cancel online at anytime. We do appreciate and learn from feedbacks

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