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    A flexible and cost-effective VoIPVoice 4G Mobile SIM-only...

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    A range of internet connectivity options; fibre broadband...

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Retain your existing handsets or upgrade to new handsets without being tied to an airtime contract. Many of our SIM packages are available on 30-day terms. You will have the freedom to cancel service or even transfer to any other provider at any time and without penalty.

VVoIP 4G is a flexible and cost-effective Mobile SIM-only service

Providing mobile internet connectivity through a public & fixed IP SIM Card. This allows you to connect to your 4G device from anywhere in the world and use port forwarding to connect devices to your router.

Our VVoIP 4G SIMs are also designed as fixed IP Fail over SIMs and they are available on either Vodafone or EE networks on 12-month contracts. They are initially designed to be used as a backup for when primary services fail. This means your VoIP service is always ready to be used 24/7.

VVoIP 4G SIM is also a multi-network EU roaming SIM intended for applications where it is critical to have an internet connection available 24/7, even in situations where one or more mobile networks become unavailable. These SIM cards have no preferred network, therefore always connect to the strongest 4G signal whether at home or abroad. They offer exceptional reliability and coverage and are now easy to manage and inexpensive to buy.

VVoIP 4G supports 4G as standard as well as 3G.

  • Our range of UK voice and data SIMs are available on either Vodafone or O2 networks.
  • Our UK data-only SIMs are available on Vodafone, O2 or EE networks.
  • Our Fixed IP SIMs are available on Vodafone and EE networks.


VVoIP Net is a range of internet connectivity options; fibre broadband, GPON Ethernet and fibre Ethernet leased lines. We offer up to 10Gb/s circuits from all the major UK carriers.

We only provide FAST Broadband

We only provide Fibre Broadband, which is a high-performance broadband connection with up to 330Mb/s downstream speeds and up to 30Mb/s speeds upstream. It uses fibre cabling to the street, which significantly reduces the copper distance, resulting in higher speeds. It is perfect for businesses looking to upgrade to faster, more reliable connectivity to access cloud-based services. Fibre broadband is usually installed in around 10 working days.

We do not provide ADSL/ADSL2+ Broadband connections!!!

For more information, please contact sales@voipvoice.co.uk

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