The VVoice Mobile Dialer is a FREE App that allows you to use our service from anywhere.

On top of all the basics, the VVoice App comes with:

Download App here >

Following a successful REGISTRATION, your Account login details will be emailed to you to use while downloading the App.

Our VVoice App is designed to work from anywhere in the world.

Examples :

  • A UK resident on holiday in Egypt can call a Gas Supplier or a potential Employer in the UK and this call will now cost him/her the same as if he/she was calling from the UK. Amazing!!!
  • A Democratic Republic of Congo Resident can call a UK, EU or US Landline or Mobile/Cell Phone individual or company and this call will now cost him/her the same as if he/she was based in the UK, EU or USA. Typically, about 1000 minutes for $5.

YES, there’s No need to ask for call-back.

Just take your time and enjoy talking to your loved ones!!! No Rush!

When using our FREE VoIP Dialer, ensure to conform to the following format:

DISREGARD “00” –> Only Enter COUNTRY CODE (44…, 32…, 33…, 243…, 1…, 27…, etc.) + TELEPHONE NUMBER (7722111000) and Dial

Example 1: To call a UK number, dial: 44203… or 4474000…

Example 2: To call a DRC number, dial: 24382000…

Example 3: To call a USA number, dial: 148536…

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